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Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division proudly offers undergraduate students the opportunity to take advantage of our internship and co-op programs. The primary and underlying focus of the program is to give you a real-life look at what engineers do in the world of automation. It also allows you to view many different engineering practices along the way as well. We encourage you to put your education into action and get hands-on training by working on everyday engineering projects. Our overall goal is to provide you with various real and interesting projects to work on, as nothing beats true field experience.

Too often, interns and co-ops at large companies are delegated to work on menial or repetitive projects rather than having their skills tested on complex and thought-process concepts. This is not the case at Yaskawa, however, as we go the extra mile to ensure the experience is positive and lasting. We concentrate on having you work on projects that will impact your future endeavors. An internship or co-op assignment should look good on a resume and provide you with a solid foundation of overall engineering knowledge and confidence. VIDEO: Internship and Co-Op Program

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Co-op Program
The co-op program available at Yaskawa is for undergraduate engineering students interested in working a semester-length work term. Yaskawa strives to work out a schedule that comfortably fits your academic schedule. The program allows you to work within a wide variety of changing fields:

  • Servos
  • Inverters
  • Machine Controllers

Yaskawa's co-op engineering experience is second to none, as it is both broad and in-depth, providing the best all-around opportunities.

Intern Program
The internship program is equally effective and informative but has a shorter work term. Internship schedules run from late May through mid-August to accommodate your summer break. This allows you to work within one of the engineering departments for a limited time during the summer.

One of the biggest benefits of doing internships and co-ops at Yaskawa is that many students have gone on to be hired as full-time employees. We aim to continue hiring even more interns and co-ops in the future.

Recruiting Process
Yaskawa attends student career fairs at various universities as part of recruiting. Local students that can’t attend these and students from different schools are also invited to apply.

Student Career Fairs

Upcoming 2023 Career Fair Events:

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    September 11 (11am - 5pm)
  • University of Illinois - Champaign
    September 13-14 (12 - 5pm)
  • Notre Dame
    September 18-20
  • University of Missouri Science & Technology
    September 26 (9am - 3pm)
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering
    September 27-28 (3 - 7pm)
  • Cal Poly
    October 11-12 (10am - 3pm)

Contact your career center for more information!


Students are encouraged to stop by Yaskawa's booth at the fairs to:

  • View working demos of Yaskawa products
  • Receive information about the internships/co-ops offered
  • Talk with and ask technical questions one-on-one with an engineer
  • Introduce yourself while dropping off a resume

Although actual interviews are not conducted at the fairs, we return later to conduct on-campus interviews at the school's career center. We urge you to remain in contact with your school's career centers so that you are aware of these interview dates and can register to be part of the process.

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Yaskawa is an equal-opportunity employer.