Yaskawa Wins Customer Experience Award

Oct 25, 2023

For its proven customer experience excellence, Yaskawa America has won the Interaction Metrics Superior Customer Experience award. Yaskawa America has achieved this honor for many years.

To achieve the Superior Award (formerly known as the Gold Award), Interaction Metrics sent surveys sent to Yaskawa customers and employees. 95 aspects of Yaskawa performance were analyzed and the data were at the highest level of statistical validity. Interaction Metrics uses its proprietary QCI™ (Quality Customer Interaction) Score to evaluate the customer experience. 

QCI™ is the only score in the industry that tracks every aspect of the customer experience weighted by how important those aspects are for each customer. QCI™ Score was developed to counteract overly simplistic metrics that lack accuracy and actionability.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Yaskawa’s Vice President of Customer Satisfaction said, “Interaction Metrics’ Findings Reports and Dashboards ensure that we evolve our customer experience in ways that align with our customers’ priorities”.

Interaction Metrics Chief Analyst Martha Brooke added “we applaud Yaskawa for using a combination of daily and annual customer feedback to guide its mission”.

About Interaction Metrics:  
Interaction Metrics is a Customer Experience agency that uncovers the insights clients need to strengthen their customer relationships. Its surveys, interviews, and other research methods are the most science-forward (yet cost-effective) in the industry.