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Title: Application Note: Motion Control System
Number: AN.MCD.01
Date: 01/11/2010
Description: Motion control systems consist of three main components: a controller, an amplifier and the motor itself. These three components must work together in harmony to ensure high performance and ease-of-use. This article will examine the latest Yaskawa product offerings in these three areas. It will show how these products work individually, and how they work together in an integrated motion control system.
Rev Number: 1
Language: English
Doc Type: Application Documents
Doc SubType: Application Note

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Product Group: Servo Products, Controllers
Product Line: Network-Comms-EtherCAT, Network-Comms Options, SGMAV Sigma-5, SGMCS Direct Drive, SGMGV Sigma-5, SGMJV Sigma-5, SGMSV Sigma-5, Sigma Trac, SGT Sigma Trac, MotionWorks IEC, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec, SGDV Analog, SGDV EtherCAT, SGDV Indexer, SGDV MECHATROLINK-II, SGDV MECHATROLINK-III, SGDV MP2600iec