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Title: Example Code: MP2000iec to V1000, Advanced Ethernet/IP
Number: EC.V1000.02
Date: 09/16/2009
Description: This example code file, written in MotionWorks IEC Express v1.1.2.7 for the MP2300Siec controller, uses the most extensive Ethernet/IP Instances to control the V1000 drive. V1000 Input Instance 116 and Output Instance 166 are implemented. The V1000 will need to have the Ethernet/IP option interface module installed with v.221 or higher firmware.
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Language: English
Doc Type: Software
Doc SubType: Application Examples

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Product Group: Controllers
Product Line: MotionWorks IEC, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec