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Title: Marketing Video: Sigma-5 with EtherCAT Connectivity - Product Promotional Video (Duration: 1:29)
Number: MV.MCD.08.029
Date: 10/14/2009
Description: This is a 1 minute long product promotional video for the Sigma-5 Servo System, highlighting its major features: - High Performance 1600 Hz bandwidth.- High Resolution over 1 million ppr.- Advanced Algorithms including vibration suppression and advanced autotuning.- Connectability to multiple servo technologies including Rotary, Direct Drive, and Linear motors. - Expansion slot for network and single axis controller option modules.- Safety compliance for 4 IEC standards including: STO and SIL2.- RoHS compliance.- EtherCAT Connectivity
Rev Number: 2
Language: English
Doc Type: Graphics - Videos
Doc SubType: Video Presentation

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Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: Network-Comms-EtherCAT