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Title: Machine Controller MP900/MP2000 Series MPLOGGER User's Manual
Number: SIEPC88078101
Date: 09/30/2009
Description: MPLOGGER software uses Microsoft Excel as an operating platform to enable the monitoring and logging of PLC control system memory information, such as PLC memory information used in control sequences, using the Excel user interface. MPLOGGER can be used to easily monitor trial operation and adjustments, implement data analysis and create spreadsheets after starting actual system operation. MPLOGGER supports all Machine Controllers in the MP900 and MP2000 series. Read this manual carefully to ensure the proper use of MPLOGGER.
Rev Number: B-1-1
Language: English
Doc Type: Manuals - User Guides
Doc SubType: Operation Manuals, Software Manuals, Technical Manuals

Product Information

Product Group: Controllers
Product Line: MP2000 Series (MP2300-MP2200), MP2200, MP2300