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Title: Analog Input Calibrator
Number: SW.AFD.01
Date: 06/08/2011
Description: This spreadsheet calculates the analog input Gain & Bias parameters to match the response to about any transducer output within range. This is useful for eliminating the need for inverse PID when using A1000 or V1000 with reverse operating transducers or converting a voltage input to 4-20mA. Note: erminals are always designated as A1, A2, A3 even on G5 and G5HHP.
Rev Number: 2
Language: English
Doc Type: Software
Doc SubType: Engineering Tools

Product Information

Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: A1000 Drive, AC7 Matrix Drive, E7 Drive, F7 Drive, G5 GPD515 Drive, G5HHP Drive, G7 Drive, J1000 Drive, P7 Drive, V1000 Drive