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Title: Solution Package: MPiec - Rotary Knife Application Solution Package for MPiec Controllers
Number: SW.MPIEC.01
Date: 04/04/2018
Description: The Rotary Knife Application Solution Package (Rotary Knife ASP) offers users an easy way to implement rotary knife/placer applications. This solution package can be used to solve applications that involve products spaced at a defined fixed interval or applications that require corrections based on a registration mark. The RotaryKnife_ASP (RotaryKnife_ASP_v200.zwt) can be used as a template on which the user can build the application, or RotaryKnife_ASP_v200.zwt can be added as a user library. RK_DemoOnMP2300Siec.zwt is an example of using RotaryKnife_ASP_v200.zwt as a library in a project for an MP2300Siec controller. The RotaryKnife Application Solution Package Project does not include functionality such as servo enable, homing, manual modes, alarm handling etc. The user will be responsible for wrapping the above mentioned functionality into the user project.
Rev Number: 1
Language: English
Doc Type: Software
Doc SubType: Application Examples

Product Information

Product Group: Controllers
Product Line: MP2000iec Series, MP3200iec