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Title: Technical Manual: MPiec - Linear Flying Shear Application Solution Package for MPiec Controllers
Number: TM.MPIEC.02
Date: 12/23/2013
Description: The Linear Flying Shear Application Solution Package (ASP) offers an easy way to implement linear flying shear applications. This solution package was designed for machines that process products spaced at fixed intervals and machines that must make dynamic corrections based on product registration marks. The Linear Flying Shear ASP can be used as a template on which the user can complete the application, or the ASP can be added as a user library into an existing project. The Linear Flying Shear ASP focuses only on the core motion features required to operate a flying shear and does not include other functionality such as servo enable, homing, manual modes, alarm handling, etc. The user is responsible for incorporating other basic logic functionality required for the complete application.
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Product Group: Controllers, Servo Products
Product Line: MotionWorks IEC, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec, MP3200iec, SGDV MP2600iec, MP3300iec, MP3300iec-ER