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Title: White Paper: A Vector Controlled High Performance Matrix Converter - Induction Motor Drive
Number: WP.AFD.16
Date: 04/17/2017
Description: Due to its regeneration ability and sinusoidal input current, the matrix converter is superior to the PWM inverter drives. Therefore, it meets the stringent energy-efficiency and power quality requirements of the new century. Following the strong R&D efforts over the last two decades, the matrix converter is now becoming a viable AC-to-AC direct power conversion device that is suitable for a large number of applications. This paper describes the basic operating principles and control method of the matrix converter, and reports the detailed experimental operating characteristics of an 11 kVA matrix converter drive over its full operating range. Through the experimental operating characteristics, the paper illustrates the feasibility of the matrix converter drive as an environment-friendly future-generation drive.
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Language: English
Doc Type: Technical Documents
Doc SubType: Technical Articles - White Paper

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Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: U1000 Oil and Gas MATRIX Drive, U1000L Drive, U1000 iQpump Configured, U1000 iQpump, U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, Z1000U Matrix Drive, Z1000U Matrix Configured, Z1000U Matrix Bypass, U1000 Industrial Configured