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Title: White Paper: VFD Instead of PLC? VFD’s with Embedded Pump Functions Can Replace PLC’s in Pumping Applications
Number: WP.AFD.25
Date: 10/10/2018
Description: Both VFDs and PLCs have benefited from advances in processor technology and memory capacity. These advances have enabled VFDs with embedded pump specific applications to replace PLCs in certain pumping applications with numerous advantages to end users. Article written by Danny Peters. Originally published in Pumps & Systems, June 2018 issue
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Language: English
Doc Type: Technical Documents
Doc SubType: Technical Articles - White Paper

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Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: iQpump1000, iQpump Micro, iQpump1000 Configured, iQpump1000 Bypass, iQpump Micro Configured, P1000 Drive, P1000 Configured, P1000 Bypass