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Title: eLearning Module: Ethernet/IP - The Sixty-Second EtherNet/IP Node
Number: eLM.AFD.01.NetComms-60s
Date: 10/08/2020
Description: How to Create a Yaskawa VFD EtherNet/IP Node in Less Than Sixty Seconds. Duration: 3:10
Rev Number: 1.00
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos
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Product Information

Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: 1000 Series EtherNet-IP, A1000 Configured, A1000 Drive, Drive Options, GA500 Drive, GA800 Configured, GA800 Drive, MV1000 Drive, Network Comms-EtherNet-IP, P1000 Configured, P1000 Drive, U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, V1000 Drive, V1000-4X Drive, iQpump1000, Network Communications Options, U1000 Industrial Configured, FP605