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Title: eLearning Module: Sigma-5 Indexer Introduction
Number: eLM.Sigma5.01.IndexerIntro
Date: 12/12/2016
Description: This eLM is a technical introduction and provides how-to software examples for Yaskawa's Sigma-5 Indexer option module. Topics include: Product Overview, System Configuration, Serial Command, Front Panel, SigmaWin+ Files, Programming Concept, Parameter Setup Wizard, Parameter Editor, Motion Profile, Speed Calculation, Acceleration Calculation, Indexer Operation, Data Trace, Troubleshooting, Program Table, Absolute Moves, Zero Position, Homing, Absolute Encoder Calibration, Registration Latch, Zone Outputs, Jog Table, Software Limits, Rotary Mode. This eLM is also available on the Yaskawa America, Drives and Motion Division YouTube Channel. Duration: 41:12
Rev Number: 1
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos
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Product Information

Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: SGMAV Sigma-5, SGMGV Sigma-5, SGMSV Sigma-5, SigmaWin Plus Software, SGDV Indexer