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Title: eLearning Video: MP2600iec MP940 MotionWorks + Transition
Number: eLV.MP2600iec.01.MP940Transition
Date: 12/12/2016
Description: This eLV combines a software demonstration and slide presentation to describe the most imporant aspects of converting from MP940/MotionWorks+ to MP2600iec/MotionWorks IEC. Topics include: Programming Concept, Configuration, Homing, Indexing, Cam, Networking. If you have ever used MotionWorks + and want to better understand Yaskawa's IEC controller platform, then this eLV is worth watching. This eLM is also available on the Yaskawa America, Drives and Motion Division You Tube Channel. Duration: 59:01
Rev Number: 1
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos

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Product Group: Controllers
Product Line: MotionWorks IEC, MotionWorks Plus Software, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec, MP940 Machine Controller