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Title: eLearning Video: Mechatrolink Introduction
Number: eLV.Mechatrolink.01.Intro
Date: 09/18/2014
Description: Mechatrolink is an open, high-speed, deterministic, motion and I/O network optimized for electrically noisy factory environments. A representative from the Mechatrolink Organization introduces field networks, Mechatrolink products, applications, transmission specifications, protocol, development hardware, software, tools, certification, and membership. This eLV is also available on the Yaskawa America, Drives and Motion Division YouTube Channel. This is a recording of a live webclass. Duration: 13:47
Rev Number: 1.1
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos, Training Webcasts

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Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: Network-Comms-MECHATROLINK-II