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Title: eLearning Video: Data Logging Function Blocks Intro
Number: eLV.MotionWorksIEC.01.Datalog_Charctr
Date: 12/15/2014
Description: This eLV introduces the data logging and characterization function blocks in the FileRW_Toolbox user library for MotionWorks IEC. This allows the MPiec controller to create a CSV log file for post processing of data in other programs, create production statistic logs to better analyze the performance of a machine, and easily determine when maintenance is required. This is a recording of a live web class. This eLV is also available on the YouTube channel for Yaskawa America Drives and Motion Division. Duration 18:39.
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Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Videos, eLearning Modules, Training Webcasts

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Product Group: Servo Products, Controllers
Product Line: SGDV MP2600iec, MotionWorks IEC, MP2000iec Series, MP2300Siec, MP2310iec, MP2600iec, MP3200iec, MP3300iec