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Title: eLearining Video: Servo Sizing Demystified
Number: eLV.Servo.01.SizDemystify
Date: 04/20/2021
Description: This eLV discusses common applications for servomotors, asking the correct questions to size servos, how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, the impact of gearboxes on motors, and finally a demo of our SigmaSelect Software. This is a recording of a live webclass. Duration: 1:01:36.
Rev Number: 1.00
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos, Training Webcasts

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Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: General Servo, S7A Gear Motors, S7G Gear Motors, S7J Gear Motors, S7P Gear Motors, SGD7S EtherCAT, SGD7S Analog, SGD7S EtherCAT with FSoE, SGD7S Mechatrolink-III, SGD7S MP2600iec, SGD7S Option Type, SGD7S Sigma-7Siec, SGD7W EtherCAT, SGD7W Mechatrolink-III, SGDH Sigma II, SGDV Indexer, SGDV EtherCAT, SGDV Analog, SGDS, SGDV MECHATROLINK-II, SGDV MECHATROLINK-III, SGDV Mini, SGDV MP2600iec, SGDV SigmaLogic, SGLF Series, SGLF2 Series, SGLG Series, SGLT Series, SGM, SGM7A Sigma-7, SGM7D Direct Drive, SGM7E Sigma-7, SGM7F Direct Drive, SGM7G Sigma-7, SGM7P Sigma-7, SGM7J Sigma-7, SGMAH Sigma II, SGMAJ, SGMAV Sigma-5, SGMB, SGMBH Sigma II, SGMCS Direct Drive, SGMCV Direct Drive, SGMDH Sigma II, SGMDM Sigma II, SGME, SGMG, SGMGH Sigma II, SGMGV Sigma-5, SGMJV Sigma-5, SGML, SGMM Sigma Mini, SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini, SGMP, SGMPH Sigma II, SGMPS, SGMS, SGMSH Sigma II, SGMSV Sigma-5, SGMUH Sigma II, SGMVH, SGMVV Sigma-5, SGT Sigma Trac, Sigma FSP, Sigma Trac, Sigma Trac II, SigmaLogic Software Package, SigmaLogic7 Compact, SigmaLogic7 Modbus, SigmaSelect, SigmaWin Plus 7 Software, SigmaWin Plus Software, SigmaWin100-200 Software, STF Sigma Trac