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Title: eLearning Video: Servo Basic Concepts - Axis of Motion
Number: eLV.ServoMotion.03.SBC_Axis
Date: 04/02/2014
Description: This video explains the term servo "axis" and the concept behind it.Aimed at the technical person who is new to the world of servos, the video provides a practical overview of AC servo systems and how they are used. This video is a segment from the "Servo Basic Concepts" eLearning video, document number eLV.ServoMotion.01.BasicConcepts. Also available on You Tube . Duration: 2 minutes.
Rev Number: 1.00
Language: English
Doc Type: Training Documents
Doc SubType: eLearning Modules, eLearning Videos

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Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: CACR-HR, CACR-IR, CACR-PR, CACR-SR, CPCR-FR, CPCR-MR, CPCR-PF, DR1, DR2, FB5, FB9, General Servo, J02, J03, Network-Comms-EtherCAT, Network-Comms-MECHATROLINK-II, P09, P12, R01 to R40, S01, S22, SGAGS, SGD, SGDA, SGDB, SGDC, SGDE, SGDF Sigma Mini, SGDG LEGEND, SGDH Sigma II, SGDJ, SGDL, SGDM, SGDS, SGLF Series, SGLG Series, SGLT Series, SGM, SGMAH Sigma II, SGMAJ, SGMAV Sigma-5, SGMB, SGMBH Sigma II, SGMCS Direct Drive, SGMDH Sigma II, SGME, SGMG, SGMGH Sigma II, SGMGV Sigma-5, SGMJV Sigma-5, SGML, SGMM Sigma Mini, SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini, SGMP, SGMPH Sigma II, SGMPS, SGMS, SGMSH Sigma II, SGMSV Sigma-5, SGMUH Sigma II, SGMVH, SGMVV Sigma-5, Sigma FSP, Sigma Trac, SGT Sigma Trac, STF Sigma Trac, SigmaWin Plus Software, SigmaWin100-200 Software, SJDE Junma, SJME Junma, SVMON Software, T01, T03, T06, UGCMED, UGCMFD, UGFMED, UGHMED, UGHMFD, UGJMED, UGMMEM, UGMMKR, UGPMED, UGPMEE, UGPMEG, UGPMEM, UGPMEN or PMEN, UGPMES or PMES, UGPMFE, UGQMEM, UGRMEM, UGTMEM, USACEM, USADED, USAFED, USAGED, USAMED, USAPEM, USAREM, USASEM, VS808 Series, SGDV Analog, SGDV EtherCAT, SGDV MECHATROLINK-II, SGDV MECHATROLINK-III, SGDV MP2600iec, SGLF2 Series, Sigma Trac II