Success Stories

Success Story: Yaskawa Helps Keep the Cats Purring

The Nestle Purina Pet Care plant in King William, Virginia, processes thousands of pounds of kitty litter every day. With plans for a new 5-year manufacturing model underway at the plant, Ed McClure, controls engineer for Nestle Purina, had to make a critical decision on which drives manufacturer to utilize in the new system.

Challenge: "We had some uncertainty over whom we should go with," McClure said. "We have a wide variety of drives in our plant." He added that having all parameters look the same was important to in-house training and ease of use.

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Success Story: Optimizing Parts Insertion Rate Using Camming

Automated Applications, Moorpark, California, designed a machine to separate metal parts coming from an unwind reel in strip form, move the parts into position, and insert them into a housing. The desired rate was 700 parts/minute.

Challenge: Three servo axes were involved: Strip Feed Axis (200 watt - shown with strip feed wheel in the illustration), Cut/Position Axis (4.4 kwatt) and Insertion Axis (200 watt). The maximum velocity required to feed the metal strips in a start-stop fashion required too violent of a motion profile, causing the strip feed axis servo to overload and causing instability in the tension control of the unwind reel. Automated applications was looking to increase while maintaining stability

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Success Story: Gearheads - Application at Concept Automation

Concept Automation, located in Carson City, Nevada, is a design and manufacturing company specializing in a full line of labeling machines, as well as custom designs. It's customer base consists of large OEMs that typically private label its equipment.

Challenge: The company was looking to improve the existing design for its high-speed bottle label applicator to offer greater reliability and increased through-put. The design originally used stepper motors and lower end servos with gear reductions. One idea considered was to use a directly driven servo on an axis that was particularly high-duty cycle. Eliminating a gearhead would reduce cost, and improve reliability by reducing backlash and component wear.

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Success Story: Shake, Rattle & Roll

When a leading snack food company needed help improving the speed and efficiency of putting more chips into a bag, they called upon Yaskawa for help.

Challenge: The customer noticed that as a charge fell into the bag, the chips tended to spread out. This meant inserting chips took longer and fewer chips fit in each bag. This customer needed a solution that could use smaller bags to save big money.

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Success Story: We're not just spinning a yarn with these results

ENKA de Colombia S.A. is the biggest synthetic fibers producer in the Andean region. ENKA was looking to increase efficiency, reduce the heat created during operation and update outdated technology for its spinning lines.

Challenge: Before the process update, VFD efficiency was anywhere from 20% to 70%. Part of the whole process was on an uninterruptible power system (UPS) due to the critical nature of the line. Necessary as it was, however, the UPS also lacked energy efficiency running at 80% to 93% efficiency.

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