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Easy Web Interface

  • Every VIPA SLIO E/IP and Modbus TCP Fieldbus module has a web interface for displaying diagnostic information and status of attached modules. A simple connection of your network allows remote access to your VIPA SLIO modules.

High Speed Backpland Bus

  • Achieve reaction time of up to 20 microseconds with VIPA SLIO's high speed backplane bus. Connect as many as 64 modules at a time, while maintaining speed of up to 48 Mbit/s.

MotionWorks IEC Hardware Configurator

  • VIPA SLIO puts an end to hours of tedious manual IO configuration. The MotionWorks IEC SLIO Hardware Configurator sets up a complete IO system with the touch of a button.

Interchangeable Modules

  • Choose from a wide range of interface, power, signal, functional and potential distribution modules to meet your application needs.

Modules supported by MotionWorks IEC VIPA SLIO Hardware Configurator

  • EtherNet/IP Interface Module
  • Digital Input Modules (Except Safety or Time Stamped Modules)
  • Digital Output Modules (Except Safety or Time Stamped Modules)
  • Analog Input Modules
  • Analog Output Modules