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Title: MP2000iec: CSV FIle Transfer to Create XY Interpolated Motion Paths
Number: PP.MP2000iec.04
Date: 09/06/2011
Description: Presentation describing how to send data files to the controller and access those files via the IEC application program. Three function blocks from the Gantry Toolbox for XY linear and circular interpolation (PathGenerator, MovePath and CalculateAngles) are also discussed. Gantry_1.zwt is example code in MotionWorks IEC Pro v 1.x (with GantryToolbox_v008) and Gantry_200.zwt is example code in MotionWorks IEC Pro v 2.x (with GantryToolbox_v200.)
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Language: English
Doc Type: Technical Documents
Doc SubType: Technical Presentations

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Product Group: Controllers
Product Line: MP2000iec Series