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Learn with Yaskawa“Learn with Yaskawa” is a learning management system for the delivery of many types of Yaskawa product training programs and is 100% focused on your product training needs.


  • See a variety of offerings in the catalog, including eLearning modules (eLM), self-guided video training lessons, and factory training classes held in-person and live online.
  • Watch an eLM and take the certification test directly on the site.
  • Enroll in factory-level classes with only a few steps.
  • Find training classes you’ve attended, as well as upcoming sessions you’re enrolled in on your dashboard.

eLearning ModuleseLearning

eLearning modules (eLMs) are user-friendly, computer-based training lessons that are effective, time efficient, instruction that can be performed anytime or anywhere there is a computer or mobile device. This is a perfect way to get the training you need in the least amount of time.

eLMs do not replace factory style training classes, but complement them. While eLearning does not allow for some traditional training practices such as product hands-on exercises or student discussions it does provide a very specific lesson in a short amount of time.

We recommend that students with limited prior experience, requiring a broader understanding of our products, attend a traditional factory training class (in-person or live online) along with using our eLearning modules. You can also view our self-guided video training series offered online at no charge.

Video: How to Translate eLMs to a Different Language

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