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Title: Digital Operator Cutout Template
Number: UDM00236
Date: 01/23/2015
Description: Drawing shows panel cutout for remote mounting of digital operator keypad. The drawing is included in kits UUX000526, UUX000527, UOP000014, UOP000017, UOP000018, UOP000019. This drawing is available in DWG or PDF format for full scale panel layout. Applicable to 1000-Series drives that use JVOP-180 and JVOP-182 digital operators. Drawing is used together with Installation Manual TOEPYEAOPT02.
Rev Number: 1
Language: English
Doc Type: Diagrams - Drawings
Doc SubType: Artwork - Label - Drilling Diagram

Product Information

Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: A1000 Drive, V1000 Drive, U1000 Oil and Gas MATRIX Drive, U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive