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Title: Online UL Certifications Directory for Yaskawa Drives
Number: UL.AFD.01
Date: 09/25/2013
Description: This document links directly to all UL Listed Yaskawa product pages on the UL website. Links are included within the attached PDF file.NOTE: This compliance document pertains to individual drives that may be used as part of a Bypass, Configured, or Engineered package within an enclosure. The document does not exclusively make any compliance claims regarding the enclosure in which they are housed, unless otherwise stipulated.
Rev Number: 2
Language: English
Doc Type: Conformance Documents
Doc SubType: Conformance - Compliance

Product Information

Product Group: Inverter Drives
Product Line: A1000 Drive, G7 Drive, iQpump1000, iQpump1000 Configured, L1000E Drive, Network Comms-APOGEE FLN, Network Comms-BACnet, Network Comms-CANopen, Network Comms-CC Link, Network Comms-ControlNet, Network Comms-DeviceNet, Network Comms-EtherNet-IP, Network Comms-Interbus-s, Network Comms-Lonworks, Network Comms-METASYS N2, Network Comms-Modbus RTU, Network Comms-Modbus TCP-IP, Network Comms-Profibus, Network Communications Options, P1000 Bypass, P1000 Drive, V1000-4X Drive, V1000 Drive, Z1000 Bypass, Z1000 Configured, Z1000 Drive, Z1000U Matrix Drive, Z1000U Matrix Configured, Z1000U Matrix Bypass, U1000 Oil and Gas MATRIX Drive, U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, Dynamic Brake Module, U1000 iQpump, U1000 iQpump Configured, Single Phase Converter, GA800 Drive, A1000 Configured, GA800 Configured, GA500 Drive, HV600 Drive, HV600 Enclosed Bypass, HV600 Enclosed Configured, HV600 Narrow Bypass, HV600 Narrow Configured, U1000 Industrial Configured, General Inverter Drives, FP605, HV600 Redundant, FP605 Enclosed Bypass, FP605 Enclosed Configured