HVAC Drives

Fan & Pump Drives

Our Z1000 product family ranges from 1/2 to 500 horsepower and includes features for Building Automation Systems such as extensive parameter selection to simplify management of BAS applications for energy efficiency and closed loop control, industry-standard Hand-Off-Auto functionality, an internal PI controller and a Sleep function. The Z1000 Drives have embedded BACnet Communications, Metasys®, and APOGEE™. LonWorks®, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP are optional.

  • HV600 Drive 3-125 HP, IP20/UL Type 1; 3-100 HP, IP55/UL Type 12; 75-250 HP, IP20/Protected Chassis

Building Automation Networks

We offer a selection of various building automation networks to help get your drive connected. Find out more about the support we provide and how it can fit your needs.

  • BACnet ASHRAE building automation network
  • APOGEE FLN Siemens legacy building automation network
  • Metasys N2 JCI legacy building automation network
  • LonWorks Echelon building automation network
  • Modbus RTU Modbus Fieldbus protocol using RS-485

HVAC Software Tools

This collection of PC software support tools can be used for uploading and downloading drive parameters, calculating energy savings, or identifying how to reduce your operating costs and meet the harmonics compliance requirements.