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Yaskawa designed the iQpump®1000 with pump service operators and pump ssytem owners in mind. iQpump1000 offers ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features.

iQpump1000 Bypass

The iQpump1000 Bypass package provides a 2-conductor style bypass, allowing motor operation from either the drive or across the line. The bypass package provides an iQpump1000 in a NEMA 1 enclosure, with space for options.

iQpump1000 Configured

The iQpump1000 Configured package provides a iQpump1000 drive in a NEMA 1 (UL Type 1) or NEMA 12 (UL Type 12) or NEMA 3 (UL Type 3) enclosure, with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/O cards, etc.

iQpump Micro

Offering a cost-effective pump control solution for light commercial, industrial, agriculture and ground water well system applications. Available in NEMA 1 and 4X versions.

U1000 iQpump

Yaskawa's newest addition tot he pump drive family, the U1000 iQpump, incorporates matrix technology to directly convert input AC voltage to output AC voltage. The drive is ideally suited for water pumping applications, providing extremely low harmonic distortion, energy savings and serviceability in a space-saving design.

U1000 iQpump Configured

The configured package provides a U1000 iQpump drive containing an input disconnect switch and space for several power options inside a NEMA 3R enclosure.