DriveWizard iQpump

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  • Windows 8 Compatible: Supports all past and present versions of Windows.
  • Intelligent Converter: Easy to use parameter conversion tool to update drive settings in previous iQpump 7 series to iQpump1000 series.
  • Communication Configuration: Allows user to easily configure the type of PC to drive communication: Keypad RS232, Mobus 485, USB direct to drive, and Ethernet. (Note Ethernet requires additional option board to be mounted on drive.)
  • PI Treading and Signal Monitoring: Monitor up to 3 signals, 4 different types of meters to choose from, PI trending, adjustable time-base, and save/load monitor setup.
  • Trend Recorder: Can trend up to 6 signals, trend storage, trend analog signals, trend digital inputs, triggering, real-time clock, date-stamp, custom scaling, and playback option.
  • Status and Fault History Panel: Shows pump system status, feedback gauge, set-point gauge, digital input and output monitoring, active fault, and fault history.
  • Pump Parameter Setup: Edit pump parameters, save/load pump setup, search parameter function, transmit group, page or single parameter, read, write and compare parameter sets, modified parameters, parameter overview, and export parameters.
  • Pump Setup Wizard: Learn to program and configure pump systems from Simplex to Multiplex applications. Setup Wizard also supports all pre-programmed application macros.