SigmaWin+ Ver. 5


Setup Wizard

  • Simple parameter set-up with wizard-aided input

Wiring Check Function

  • The wiring check function checks your wiring in a single operation

Trace Function

  • Real-time trace adjustment state means you can check instantly

USB Support

  • USB 1.1 Support

New "Tuning-less" Function

  • Even without server adjustment and with load changes, oscillation- and vibration-free drive is possible up to 20 times the load moment of inertia. Setting time: 100 to 150 ms level

New Advanced Auto-Tuning

  • Minimize settling time with less vibration. 10ms level

New "One-Parameter" Tuning

  • Fine-tuning can tweak machine performance to the max. Settling time 0 to 4 ms level


  • Alarm diagnostic function: Presumes possible causes of the alarm and immediately displays suggested corrective actions